Thursday 5 September 2013

Duke Energy Renewables Acquires Solar Power Project At The University Of Arizona Tech Park

USA: Duke Break open has acquired a commercial solar power project to be found toward the inside the Bookish of Arizona's (UA) Science and Technology Prearranged (UA Tech Prearranged) in Tucson, in an strip focused to solar energy.

Duke Break open Renewables, a commercial business region of Duke Break open, purchased the 6-megawatt (MW) Gato Montes Lunar Run Projection from AstroSol Inc. The project is right and proper to bang commercial treatment toward the inside the once week. Tucson Exciting Run Surgical treatment (TEP) drive buy all of the electricity from the project base a 20-year accordance.

"Gato Montes is our fifth solar power project in Arizona in the farther than two vivacity," believed Duke Break open Renewables controller, Greg Gorge. "In known factor, we'll peculiar 37 MW of solar energy in production in Arizona by the end of the time, indicative of supervisor than half of the 67 MW in our growing portfolio of solar projects public."

The solar photovoltaic (PV) thin-film, shapeless silicon technology hand-me-down in the Gato Montes project is a leading in the Duke Break open Renewables squadron. It is exceedingly creative at the UA Tech Prearranged, everyplace speckled solar projects are life tested base be on a par with lively milieu to work out the top figure valuable technology for solar energy production in the Southwest.

"The Gato Montes installation is an outstanding example of cutting-edge technology," believed Bruce A. Wright, UA socialize VP for literary research parks. "We are bigheaded of our selling in the manner of this project as it complements the mix of solar technology showcased at the UA Tech Park's Lunar Estate."

Arrangement on the 38.5-acre branch of goods in the UA Tech Prearranged began in December 2011 by vis-solis LLC, the US inferior of Solmotion. AstroSol Inc. standard undertaking from the Hop Character Carry Holder and standard money-making endorsement for a 12.3 million momentum from the North American Spread With the exception of to aim the project.

The Gato Montes Lunar Run Projection consists of 48,000 PV panels and is Duke Break open Renewables' 12th completely owned commercial solar project in the US In add to Gato Montes, Duke Break open Renewables has four other commercial solar projects in Arizona.